Replying to a Tech Support Ticket

Customer Enquiry : Has Anatrace’s DDM detergent been used in 2018? If so, in what applications was it used? Do you have any protocols citing DDM in Cryo-EM applications?

38 publications have cited Anatrace’s DDM detergent.

The most common applications DDM was used in are:
– Cryo-EM
– Protein Purificaiton
– X-ray Crystallography
– Live cell imaging
– Monoclonal Antibody
– Surface Plasmon Resonance
– Small angle x-ray scattering
– Spectroscopy
– Auto-induction studies

After filtering search by Cryo-EM, 15 publications in the field of Cryo-EM used Anatrace’s DDM. All OpenAccess PDFs were saved and sent to the customer.

Search comparison with PubMed

Description OEEEY PubMed
Time taken to complete search and retrieve all results <1 second <1 second
Total number of publications found 38 1
Number of publications after filtering search by Cryo-EM 15, <1 second Unable to filter by top method
Exportability Save all 15 publications as PDF and filter-ready excel Unable to export