Today, there are more than 1.2 trillion terabytes of data available online. But for those of us in the scientific community, much of the data we are looking for is inaccessible. That’s because most search engines base their results on popularity, making it nearly impossible for specialized scientific information to be found. As a result, this “dark data” becomes lost in cyberspace forever.

Open Explorer, or OE, is much more powerful than existing search engines because it not only provides access to the publications, it finds the exact data you’re looking for within those publications.

OE is a subscription-based discovery and productivity tool that connects manufacturers, inventors, suppliers, and customers by providing access to nearly 43 million scientific articles from public databases, such as Europe PMC which includes PubMed and PubMed Central. Using highly validated data and 18 different filters, OE delivers comprehensive, accurate results in a matter of seconds.

Identify identical products from different suppliers
Track existing and new protocols
Gain access to full-text articles from public databases
Export all results to a filter-ready Excel chart and save all PDFs to your local drive
Extract usable data from all full-text articles
Collate millions of publications into superior metrics to reveal emerging trends, insights, hotspots, and clusters
Track citations by customers, products, and institutes
Identify new product and partnering opportunities
Build stronger relationships with key accounts
Drill down to core customer fundamentals
Search materials and methods sections to track product sales
Use metrics to develop new marketing campaigns
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